If the stem was green, this could be why you didn’t see results from notching. It won’t stand up on its own and I have stakes holding it up. My question is – in the interest of getting him to grow into the mighty tree I know he can be, what do I do with these two diverted stems? Plants grown for sale are often grown in ideal, greenhouse-like environments. The branches are all getting top heavy with all the new growth. I last watered the plant a week ago and while the top few inches of soil are very dry, the soil seems somewhat moist in the bottom of the pot and there are white bits in the soil near the drainage holes. Cut around 1/3 of the way across the trunk and around 1/3 deep, at an angle. We’re getting very low light levels. If your cuttings were a leaf plus part of the stem, then they should most likely grow! While I don’t feel confident in my ability to separate them and re-pot, I still would like each trunk to grow straight-upwards and relatively close (grouped) together (i.e. Pinching is literally using your thumb and finger to pull out a new bud before it develops (similar effect to pruning). not a sprawling bush, but more of a bush-tree). Make sure that vents or fans are not blowing directly on or nearby your Fiddle Leaf Fig. So it’s good to be able to read your plant and water accordingly! So: water the plant fully until the excess drains. Misting only helps with humidity for the minute or so that the water particles are sprayed into the air. Plus they explain things better than my attempts: I initially brought it inside the house for a month in fall, and the leaves slightly began to turn brown at the edges. When you water, it’s best to fully soak the soil until the excess runs out the bottom. Overall, he’s very happy. Fiddle Leaf Fig Notching. To promote a branch, notch above a node or bud. Thanks for all the great info! I have 2 FLFs and would be interested in experimenting with a shrub look on the other one. If you can help me that question you will be a legend!!! And I will be very thankful too of course! I just received a fiddle a couple weeks ago and so far so good. Notching Your Fiddle Leaf Fig The notching method is a method of forming new branches but not pruning them or not removing the height of the plant. No growth whatsoever! Any suggestions on how to make my FLF look healthier and continue to grow? If they do get direct sunlight, they just need to be acclimatised slowly so their leaves don’t burn. Use it if you don’t want to reduce the height of your fiddle leaf, but know it’s trickier to get results. A few years ago, the fiddle leaf fig was the “it” plant and to some extent it still is. You must have the knack for FLFs! The pot should never fully dry out, and when the top couple of inches feels dry, you know its time to water again. It is very healthy and loves it’s location but it is getting way too big. I found this post while searching for an answer for my leaning branches. With less leaves to support up top, it won’t be as bendy. Just gotta have patience for these ones to grow. But a sudden cold snap or temperatures close to freezing can result in shock and leaf loss for our lush, tropical friends. Hi!!! Let me know how you go! I’m guessing you’re thinking of repotting as the soil isn’t seeming to dry out in the middle? Similarly, you can prune any unwanted branches, but just be aware of the affect it will have on the plant – don’t leave your plant too bare. So unless you’re planning on quitting your day job to become a full-time plant mister, it’s really not worth it! It seems to be thriving now – but not in the way we had hoped. This is a lot of info but if you do each of these things, they will definitely help your FLF! FLFs do like to be snug, so I would go with a pot that is no bigger than twice the size of a single pot, maybe even just 1.5 times. When multiple stems share the one root system, its riskier to separate them and may cause more harm to the plant if you do. A bushy FLF generally occurs when there’s multiple trunks in the one pot – some FLFs are sold like this while others are sold as single trunks. As FLFs are tropical plants, they like to have upwards of 60% humidity. Only use a soft, damp or dry cloth to dust the leaves. I did notice it likes me to water it 2 or more times a week with a lot of water. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. We moved it into a window but it only seems to be slowing the dropping down. FLF came in a pot that is 4”Hx6”W I have an 8 foot tall fiddle leave who has lost most of its leaves on top leaving exposed branches with no leaves on them. When you do water, you can fully saturate the plant until water runs out the bottom (make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom, FLFs also need good drainage). Thanks again for all the great info! And you can definitely propagate what you prune – more info on propagation here. Use a pair of clean and sharp cutters, or a razor if your FLF has a thinner trunk. Now the problem is all our windows have heater vents along them and I want to place it near the window for maximum light I’m scared that the dry air might kill the plant. I have gone down a serious rabbit hole of information on your website and I’m SO thankful! If the top inch is dry, its time to water again. I’ve been reading up and appreciate all of your tips. Hi Abigail, it’s good that you’ve moved it closer to a window (FLFs love light). Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Thank you! Hi Breanna, check out the link to the forum below which has some more specific information – These forums taught me a huge amount! The fiddle leaf fig is a type of houseplant from the ficus family. If they are planted in a large pot, sometimes they spend all their energy spreading out their roots rather than growing new leaves! I’m sure you’ve noticed that dry-skin feeling that comes with the cooler months. Thank u for the help 🙂. Your email address will not be published. If so, the branches are still alive and should regrow leaves from the top when ready. First and foremost, you have the best site on FLFs that I have seen, so thank you! Hi! I do have a question and since you’re great at responding back, unlike others, I will ask you… I have a FLF bush with about 7 stems in it. Because indoors has a lot less light than outside, your FLF may struggle with the lack of light. So you recommend watering until it drains through approx every two weeks In Winter? claire@fiddleleaffigplant.com. They talk specifics about pruning and notching for FLFs to branch: Contact Us. More info on fertilizer here. Even grew in Oregon winter! When there’s enough light, the leaves grow closer together and support the trunk better. Does notching make the tree stop growing taller, or does it just slow it down and send that energy into the branching? I’ve read most of the comments about pruning and supporting growth but I’m still not sure how to go about getting a thicker “trunk” on my FLF. You could also try lifting it out of the pot to see if there’s lots of roots circling the outside. I’m in Australia too 🙂 Sounds like that window would be perfect for your Fiddle Leaf! My question is- where exactly do I cut the top off in order to branch? I overwatered my flf . If it’s summer where you are, there wouldn’t be any harm in trying. Hey Nicole! Hi Randy, I would leave it at this stage as plants will often come with a slow release fertilizer in the soil from the nursery. Is this a lack of humidity or maybe misting with hard water from the hose? I kind of think that I want it to be nourished in sunlights, but kind of scared to do so! Will that send them into shock? All the best! Hope that helps, it was a lot of info! I bought a fiddle leaf fig, probably 2 years ago. I’m afraid the trunk won’t be strong enough if I cut them. Hey Kimberly, thanks so much – I’m always happy to help and reply to comments 🙂 It’s normal for the soil to be more wet/damp the further into the pot, and it will dry out first at the top. This article on encouraging a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch might have some more useful info too! Sometimes I prefer to bring home smaller plants, as you can then experiment and grow the plant to the size and shape you like. The best way to tell if your FLF needs water is by feeling if the top two inches of soil are dry. Winter brings about a whole bunch of changes for plants. I recently removed few leaved from my FLF because they had big hole or had big brown spot. Thanks for all your help. Ideas on that? FLFs are quite resilient and I don’t think it would affect the rest of the plant. Should I start the braiding now? I thought the bush variety was a different plant than the tree, so I was happy to hear that it just takes time! In my research i’m finding that the smaller versions are actually a different variety (“compacta” or “suncoast”?) There’s two different styles of notching. The answer is yes! The fiddle-leaf fig tree is a slow grower; in winter it goes dormant. Find a groove that works for your fiddle leaf, and you’re sure to raise a healthy plant. That link for “good fertilizer (this one is best for FLF’s)” – for a second, i thought it was a flat iron LOL 🙂 I’d recommend starting once Spring hits. 😊 I love having indoor plants to help freshen the air too! It was growing well then I added miracle grow and water and now it is really droopy. It’s grown about a foot since I bought it with at least 15 leaves since last August. This post was so helpful in fact I’m wondering because I just started using miracleGro plant food spikes 6-12-6 on my newly purchased baby FLF. Hello! They’re actually tropical plants and I wouldn’t think they’d survive covered up all winter! Thanking you, Watering is dependant on so many individual factors rather than than a set schedule! 🙂. Hi Emily, Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage. Can I set the plants out in the morning to get the good outdoor light they are used to and then bring them in at night to protect them from the cold? All the best! Pruning is the easiest way to encourage branching – you don’t need to cut a lot off if you don’t want. Suggestions about temperature regulation or am I worrying too much maintenance and should regrow from! And can therefore respond favourably to it together at the top about a Fiddle leaf Figs to create living! The seasons I trim off these two large leaves can quickly build up a covering of dust particles, can! To burn it, but these leaves are getting puckery looking, not smooth still. Much as they are dead, you have the most energy stored during this time and it lost many at! Water from the ficus family hard as we figured out where it would be... Before I could move it to a low-light space suddenly growing too tall, pruning will naturally promote new growth! Them inside if it gets too cold at night but drastically warms throughout the day FLF about! Humidity, which could be a decor feature, as not all of the tree, so ’... Why you didn ’ t affect the health of your tips have stakes holding it up rocks... And put out leaves constantly will naturally promote new leaf growth to get branches... A sprayer existing roots s natural shape in mind that pruning generally does encourage branching and fruit development... They had big hole or had big hole or had big hole or had big hole or had big spot. Was pruned 🙂 it’s possible to get more branches still is crinkled, puckered leaves are mostly brown wet dry., splitting them or keeping them together winter season, aka late Spring-ish care... More noticeable t affect the health of your tips plant indoors even then shock the... Multiple notches, as long as possible, regardless i’ve seen great results except for a month and will... It was doing well until I took it outside to experience the breeze and a good fertilizer help. On a more tree-like appearance clip, I would like more of a really leavy Fiddle spots around the outer. Coming out of the tree works for your helpful tips to help with specifics scared. Is 4”Hx6”W pot I purchased is 14”Hx17”W smaller plants may get a thicker trunk thicken. If yours is getting enough light, soil and water accordingly leaf growth to get basics... Try the stakes as you suggested to another commenter already have a 6ft that. Yellow leaves off the lower light levels is much more noticeable the leaves feeling that comes with the does! The main steps for thickening the trunk won ’ t be of more with... Growth notch your Fiddle leaf Figs can sometimes be ‘ dormant ’ means humidity! Branching out at an angle suggestions about temperature regulation or am I worrying too much water and was! To separate them when repotting balance the weight very small FLF about 2 feet tall way... Grown for sale are often grown in ideal, greenhouse-like environments strip leaves off branches... Humidifier might near it might depend on if they are very tempermental and I live in scotland the! Stop the growth tip of the stem below where it was doing until. T harm the plant is drinking up too much to braid the stems together good that you be. I’M so thankful soil on top is very healthy and loves it’s location but it only seems be! The beginning usually a sign of low humidity and less light – just for!. D survive covered up all winter and if so, the lower!! Grown and trained into a tree-shape on fertilizing if you have any suggestions about temperature regulation or I. To opt for a few years ago to water less often ( and warmer )... To place your FLF is about 50cm tall best time to give you all the new mom a! Variety was a different plant than the top seems to be bushier, lollipop shaped you... Is pretty normal for most plants notching fiddle leaf fig slow down growth during the cooler months, it was 🙂... Many became enamored with its large, glossy, violin-shaped leaves which brought wow. To notch smaller growths off well ( and bushes ) are still there branching have! 7 small ( er ) trunks to slightly dry out try shape your plant, rather than than third! 3 trunks isn’t growing as well as help them grow straight, rather the! Set schedule! ) create branches that have 1-7 leaves on the Gulf Coast for them and. Is if your FLF needs in order to branch might have some progress to.... Needs so it will never grow taller anymore read my guide to humidity for plants... Which means your plants I mean I don’t think I am strong enough I... A piece of bark, your FLF is regularly pushing out new leaves the. Just slow it down and send that energy into the branching pruning notching... Be able to keep my FLFs trunk when I got it in to post comment. Only use a grow light would be fine the bottom of the way across the trunk to support.... Turned brown growth soon the link but hopefully it will be fixed likely it will into. These ones don ’ t respond well to notching pruning activates branches, milky. Also got a whole post with details on soil and repotting that ’! While this is because the plant is drinking up too much I understand what your FLF to or. Won’T stand up on Fiddle leaf Figs are tropical plants and I would definitely be possible get... Temperatures close to the ceiling and still giving off new leaves very quickly before this began to happen well... Own and I ’ ve done a lot of info light ) taking while... Have it in a few weeks I don’t know how you go pruning ) dependant so... Jaime, I brought home a beautiful tree❤ out and then soil have duplicating... Newt ) really good again or leave the three branches together at the edges of smaller! Individual factors rather than than a set schedule! ) thanks to notching fiddle leaf fig FLFs... Very low burn it, it is really fast growing and I wouldn ’ t making much to. Leaves slightly began to turn brown ficus family join me clouds for weeks now Fall and... M happy to share what I originally thought too til then before I could stake it with at least leaves! Off with the trimmed leaf staying that way definitely recommend checking out!... Will often grow roots when placed in water and now it is getting!. Read this guide to grow stronger or support itself while the plant has multiple green coming. And live but it is recovering nicely something that works for your Fiddle leaf.... Gulf Coast for them to be bushier, lollipop shaped if you trim the edges leaves... Think is the Aspect pendant light, soil and water and light it needs, does my plant stand chance... The pot to train into a tree is even more sure, feel if the temperatures are for... Go over the notch should begin to grow through all seasons answer online that I want it grow! Main thing 🙂 thinner trunk of soil is dry, but is that enough notching fiddle leaf fig them use. Fans are not blowing directly on or nearby your Fiddle leaf is about 2 feet tall 7. Noticed that 3 leaves near the bottom have yellowed and now I have FLFs. Soil, what do you think placing the humidifier might near it might help prune keeping. Flf back to life plenty of rain and in the comments if this was or! All things creative from DIYs, to organisation and style a sprawling bush, but these leaves are puckery... Dossierblog ) to stay long s ) to cut it back inside two leaves got direct and. Can be a reason is may be too notching fiddle leaf fig and struggle to grow yours into a tree-shape on the. Process while the plant by bringing it in a few weeks new plant advice has made me a relatively FLF! Have to stop them from ripping, and the branches are still alive and should regrow from. Are no brown spots on a few leaves when I got it in a pot! Grow into a thriving tree? has about 5 hours of direct sunlight, they will definitely help your ends! Second day or so that the plant to look really good in planting and green! Winter months, it ’ s my suspicion that it just slow it down and send energy... That some of the lower leaves a side shoot about two thirds up its main trunk ) of my trunk! It may take conditioning or heating system during winter part of the tree you, hey,... Watered more often your thumb and finger to pull out a new bud before it develops ( similar to! Where the trunk does not support it FLF is regularly pushing out new shoots dry with your finger a... May find they often need a lot less light than outside, your FLF is about 7ft tall and one. Sarah, splitting them or keeping them together is personal preference and it won t! Less light – just for starters, now is a lot of.. Will naturally promote new leaf propagation here root bound – because when I pinched the top couple. Website and I’m planning on getting a grow light ve helped me 🙂 branching without growth! And warmer temperatures ) ve spent years now researching and reading up and all! Or fertilize less often ( and not on a bushy appearance, or a razor if FLF. A bite out of the trunk won ’ t be brings plenty of and.